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Three homes recovered during two month 'key amnesty'

A key amnesty during January and February which allowed anyone not living in their council home or illegally subletting it to hand back their keys rather than face possible criminal investigation and potential legal action, resulted in nearly 70 calls ...

Posted by Falmouth PACKET on 31st March 2015.

Council launches data hub to combat fraud

New software purchased by Scarborough Borough Council is being used to develop a data hub to combat fraud across the borough.

Following a successful funding bid to the Department for Communities and Local Government, the council was awarded £169,500 ...

Posted by SCARBOROUGH.GOV.UK on 26th March 2015.

Town halls monitor more emails than MI6 and GCHQ

Councils were granted permission to access records of internet use and telephone calls in 2,110 cases last year, according to a report by the surveillance watchdog.

It compares to 1,291 approved interceptions of communication data for GCHQ, the ...

Posted by on 20th March 2015.