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Protecting the English Public Purse

Following the closure of the Audit Commission and therefore the end of their annual publication Protecting the Public Purse, TEICCAF (The European Institute Combatting Corruption and Fraud) have taken on this role and published their first report – Protecting the English ...

Posted by TEICCAF on 31st July 2015.

Protecting the London Public Purse

The London Boroughs Fraud Investigation Group commissioned a report into the level of Fraud experienced accross London given the closure of the Audit Commission.


TEICCAF have taken up the mantle of producing the Protecting the Public Purse report previously produced ...

Posted by TEICCAF on 28th July 2015.

Council House Crackdown

The BBC is running a series of progammes this week w/c 20th July 2015 about investigation into Tenancy Fraud.


This includes officers from both Local Authority and Housing Associations


BBC ...

Posted by BBC on 21st July 2015.

Key Amnesty campaign success

A 30-day amnesty which allowed residents not living in their council home or illegally subletting to hand back their keys has been judged a great success, with seven keys recovered. The campaign, which ends on Tuesday 30 June 2015, has ...

Posted by Dacorum BC on 13th July 2015.

Crawley Council amnesty on tenancy fraud

A clear message is going out to the small number of Crawley Homes tenants who may be committing tenancy fraud – hand back your keys in July or August and we’ll ask no questions.

Crawley Borough Council is appealing to ...

Posted by Crawley BC on 3rd July 2015.