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We are very pleased to announce the launch of TEICCAF (The European Institute for Combating Corruption And Fraud). This exciting new organisation brings together leading experts in fraud from across the UK. The expertise from both Public & Private sectors mean that TEICCAF can offer a unique insight in to the challenges facing our Public Purse.

TEICCAF will also see the continuation of vital projects such as the annual fraud survey and the protecting the public purse. The official Launch was held at IRRV head office in London on Wednesday 22nd April.

TEICCAF are an independent not for profit pan European public, private and voluntary sector forum for:

• counter corruption and fraud professionals in the public or voluntary sectors;
• professional bodies, institutes and other concerned stakeholders committed to countering corruption and fraud;
• private commercial firms committed to combating corruption and fraud in the public and voluntary sectors;
• central and local government ...

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An owner, tenant and landlord walk into a pub - and orders himself a drink. It’s no joke.

Posted by 24 dash


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Shared owners in some of London's most sought-after developments are subletting their properties - often to tourists - for a healthy profit. And housing associations are doing very little to stop them, as Paul Coleman found out in an exclusive investigation ...

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Oxfordshire woman found guilty of £85,000 fraud

Posted by S.Warner


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A 75 year-old woman was sentenced to a 12 month Community Order at Oxford Magistrates Court after pleading guilty to benefit fraud offences totalling more than £85,000.

Ms Veronica Knibbs, of Nightingale Avenue, Blackbird Leys, was sentenced in January ...

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Three homes recovered during two month 'key amnesty'

Posted by Falmouth PACKET


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A key amnesty during January and February which allowed anyone not living in their council home or illegally subletting it to hand back their keys rather than face possible criminal investigation and potential legal action, resulted in nearly 70 calls ...

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