Dudley tenants flouting laws and renting council homes for money

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More than 500 housing fraud investigations were launched during 2013/14.  As well as illegal sub-letting, officers also uncovered cases where tenants hadn’t been using their property as their only home and had been living elsewhere some of the time.  There were also tenants who had abandoned their properties and people who not moved out when the named tenant had died.

Dudley Council said in 12 months, there were 84 cases of tenancy fraud.

Director of adult, community and housing services Andrea Pope-Smith said: “The demand for council housing in Dudley far outweighs the number of properties available.To ensure we get best value from our council homes, it is important we prevent them from being obtained or used fraudulently.

“We recruited two tenancy fraud officers to our anti-social-behaviour team to ensure we are taking a robust approach to both fraud detection and prevention.”

She added: “We are continuing ...

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Bodmin woman convicted of tenancy fraud

Posted by Cornish Guardian


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A woman from Bodmin has been convicted of tenancy fraud in what is believed to be the first prosecution in the county under new legislation.

Cornwall Council used the Prevention of Social Housing Fraud Act to prosecute Wendy Snowdon for ...

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Lewisham steps up to protect the public purse

Posted by 24dash.com


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A former housing officer and her husband will pay up £90,000 as a result of the first Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) judgement to accept the loss to councils from tenancy fraud.

The case, for the first time in ...

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Government clampdown on fraud

Posted by DCLG


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Communities Minister Lord Ahmad today (26 November 2014) announced extra funding for a range of council-led projects to claw back billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money lost every year to fraud.

This government has repeatedly challenged councils to do more ...

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